• We would love to read your poems. If you would like them to be considered for publication on Atrium, please send up to three poems in a Word document to Please format poems in 12 point Times New Roman, single spaced. 
  • Please put “Poetry Submission – Your Name” in the subject line of your email. 
  • Please include a short – 40 words maximum – third person biography in the body of the email. If you would like us to include links to your own website, publisher, Twitter, etc. please include these too. (The links do not count as part of the 40 word bio.) 
  • We don’t mind if work has been previously published (as long as you retain copyright). Please let us know where it has previously appeared, so that we can credit the publisher. If any poem we publish goes on to be published elsewhere, we’ll be chuffed for you – and we’d love it if you’d give Atrium a mention. The poem remains your own. 
  • At the present time we do not accept simultaneous submissions. 
  • We have no set theme. We want poetry that excites us; poetry to provoke an unexpected tear, a woozy feeling in the stomach, a giggle on a rush hour bus. Poetry that tickles, unsettles, warms, surprises, grips. Poetry that makes readers feel. 
  • Free verse and form are both welcome. It’s what the writer does with it that matters. 
  • Poems should be no more than 50 lines in length (not including line breaks). 
  • We are not opposed to strong language or content, as long as it is in context – we are not interested in shock value for shock’s sake or anything that is exploitative or discriminatory to any individual or group. 
  • We cannot pay for poems. We would like to, but there is no money. 
  • The editors’ decisions are final and, whilst we will do our best to give a personal and timely response to each submission, we are not able to enter into further correspondence. 
  • We aim to respond to all submissions within one calendar month of receipt. If you’ve sent us something and not heard after this time, please feel free to email us via the submissions email address and we will look into it 
  • We are currently scheduling poems five months in advance (although this does not affect our one month response time). 
  • Please leave two months between submissions. 
  • Remember, what you send us is your responsibility and it is essential that you follow the above guidelines, as not doing so could result in your submission remaining unread. This is your work – handle it with the care you believe it deserves as you send it out into the big wide world, and we will do the same. 


  • Featured Publication – Please note that our Featured Publication segment is, at present, by invitation only, and is not open to general submission.