Featured Publications

On the first Sunday of each month, Atrium shares a Featured Publication to showcase a new or recently published pamphlet, collection or anthology. These appear on our main ‘rolling’ page, as well as in our index here.


Covers 2023

May-June: You’ll Never Be Anyone Else by Rachael Clyne (Seren)

Mar-Apr: Green Apple Red by James McDermott (Broken Sleep Books)

Jan-Feb: A Census of Preconceptions by Oz Hardwick (SurVision Press)


Covers 2022

Nov-Dec: The Beautiful Open Sky by Hannah Linden (V. Press)

Sep-Oct: Manland by Peter Raynard (Nine Arches Press)

Jul-Aug: Panic Response by John McCullough (Penned in the Margins)

May-Jun: Shelling Peas with My Grandmother in the Gorgiolands by Sarah Wimbush Bloodaxe)

Mar-Apr: In an Ideal World I’d Not Be Murdered by Chaucer Cameron (Against the Grain Press)

Jan-Feb: Erased by James McDermott (Polari Press)


Covers 2021 Dec-Jul

December: Dawning by Mary Ford Neal (Indigo Dreams Publishing)

November: This Fruiting Body by Caleb Parkin (Nine Arches Press)

October: In Charge of the Gun by Graham Clifford (The Black Light Engine Room Press)

September: After the Riot by Neil Young (Nine Pens)

August: Like This by Neil Elder (4Word)

July: Dusk in Bloom by Ava Patel (Prolebooks)

Jun-Jan 2021

June: Inhale/Exile by Abeer Ameer (Seren)

May: Night Shift by Jonathan Totman (Pindrop Press)

April: This Poem Here by Rob Walton (Arachne Press)

March: Something so wild and new in this feeling by Sarah Doyle (V. Press)

February: Subsidence by R.M. Francis (Smokestack Books)

January: Lost & Found by Vic Pickup (Hedgehog Press)


Covers 2020 Dec-Jul

December: Suitcase by Kevin Reid (4Word)

November: Dressing for the Afterlife by Maria Taylor (Nine Arches Press)

October: Making Tracks by Katy Wareham Morris (V. Press)

September: Letters to Rosie by Ross Wilson (Tapsalteerie)

August: The Significance of a Dress by Emma Lee (Arachne Press)

July: thirty-one small acts of love and resistance by Steve Pottinger (Ignite Books)

Covers 2020

June: These Are The Hands – Poems from the Heart of the NHS edited by Deborah Alma and Dr Katie Amiel (Fair Acre Press)

May: apple, fallen by Olga Dermott-Bond (Against the Grain Press)

April: Lamping For Pickled Fish by Beth McDonough (4Word)

March: A Man’s House Catches Fire by Tom Sastry (Nine Arches Press)

February: Much Left Unsaid by Finola Scott (Red Squirrel Press)

January: The Aesthetics of Breath by Charles G Lauder Jr (V. Press)


Covers 2019 Dec-Jul

December: Going in with flowers by Avril Joy (Linen Press)

November: Quotidian by Paul Waring (Yaffle Press)

October: How Time is in Fields by Jean Atkin (Indigo Dreams Publishing)

September: Things Only Borderlines Know by Olivia Tuck (Black Rabbit Press)

August: The Dancing Boy by Michelle Diaz (Against the Grain Press)

July: Threat by Julia Webb (Nine Arches Press)

Covers 2019 Jun-Jan

June: Eighty Four anthology, Curated by Helen Calcutt (Verve Poetry Press)

May: Maps of the Abandoned City by Helen Ivory (SurVision Press)

April: Interned at the Food Factory by Sharon Larkin (Indigo Dreams Publishing)

March: Humanagerie, Edited by Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley (Eibonvale Press)

February: Metastatic by Jane Lovell (Against the Grain Press)

January: How to Wear Grunge by Ruth Stacey (Knives Forks and Spoons Press)


Covers 2018 Dec-Jul

December: The Healing Next Time by Roy McFarlane (Nine Arches Press)

November: Besharam by Nafeesa Hamid (Verve Poetry Press)

October: How to Grow Matches by S.A. Leavesley (Against the Grain Press)

September: Arboreal Days by Daniel Bennett (red ceilings press)

August: We Are All Lucky by Ben Banyard (Indigo Dreams Publishing)

July: Dirty Laundry by Deborah Alma (Nine Arches Press)

Covers 2018 Jun-Jan

June: The Gun-Runner’s Daughter by Susan Castillo Street (Kelsay Books)

May: In the Curator’s Hands by Abegail Morley (Indigo Dreams Press)

April: How To Parallel Park by James Davey (V. Press)

March: #MeToo: A women’s poetry anthology, Edited by Deborah Alma (Fair Acre Press)

February: Robeson, Fitzgerald and Other Heroes by Robert Nisbet (Prolebooks)

January: Seal Wife by Kitty Coles (Indigo Dreams Publishing)


Covers 2017

December: Oysterlight by Cheryl Pearson (Pindrop Press)

November: Northern Lights by Harry Gallagher (Stairwell Books)

October: The House of Ghosts and Mirrors by Oz Hardwick (Valley Press)

September: You’ve never seen a doomsday like it by Kate Garrett (Indigo Dreams Publishing)