Spiderwebs – Eleanor Punter


This morning
we counted spider webs
on the way to school
warm hand curled in mine
soft peach
of a September sun
dappled on our skin

and you pointed
at the harvest moon
faint penny in the sky
your half-mast socks,
messy plaits
your laughing and skipping
over the cracks

light catching
the gossamer thin curve
of lashes, the gappy row
of your teeth
and I drank you in
and everything you are.
This morning, this love,

wonderful and
spins so tight
as you run into school
warm stickiness
of your fingertips
traced lightly onto mine.

Eleanor’s poetry explores women’s experiences such as relationships, motherhood or bodyimage. She has been shortlisted in various competitions, won third prize in the Binsted competition 2019. She has recently had a poem published about anorexia in Ink Sweat and Tears magazine.