The Time Machine – Tom Kelly

The Time Machine

Vincent is Captain America only the zip on his back is missing
revealing a five-year-old’s spine and not our superhero.
He does not care one little bit as he flies constantly
waiting for me to growl, frighten him, but not too much.
I pull an evil face (easy for me), he dives away.
I shout louder, his head almost spins off its axis.
When it is time for me to go, he follows on his scooter –
we both agree it’s really a time machine.

Tom Kelly is a north-east of England writer. He has had eleven books of poetry, short stories and a play published in as many years. His new collection THIS SMALL PATCH has recently re-printed by Red Squirrel Press.

That Little More – Tom Kelly

That Little More

He is in my arms 
sun settling through trees 
flickering carpet 
mottling his face 
still sleeping.

My heart has been dead 
shed tears, nearly broken me 
but at this moment 
everything held 
fixed, settled 
the moment when love gives 
that little more.

Tom Kelly is a writer from the north-east of England. This Small Patch, his
ninth poetry collection has recently been published and re-printed by Red
Squirrel Press who also published his short story collection Behind the Wall.

Running Down the Past – Tom Kelly

Running Down the Past

(To Granny)

Aa run down Hope Street,
Salem Street an’
Saint Paul’s Road aa thought was dead posh,
ti’ th’ Salt Grass,
where we’d bool waa paste eggs
doon th’ humptybacked hill.

Aa run down th’ Church Bank an’
Sandy’s Hole,
th’ winding path
ti th’ Mercantile wi boats’ bloated
in tha’ docks.

Through th’ Pedestrian tunnel an
Howdon , thinking we wor in another country.
Run up Ellison Street ti’ th’ Mechanics Hall,
where mam an’ dad danced th’ night away til ten.

Aa run up th’ cemetery bank,
stop at ya unmarked grave
an ye tell me th’ years have flown.


Tom Kelly is a poet, playwright and short story writer. His stories have appeared on Radio Four and in UK magazines. He has had eight poetry collections, and Behind the Wall, his first full-length short story collection was launched in April 2018.