Zest and Other inhibitions – Zoë Ranson

Zest and Other inhibitions

It’s Tuesday. The big match
The Whirlpool engineer glazes over
For dinner, something pre-made, easy to heat through
rips in the centre of the soup plate

You really gotta try the raspberry volcanic
from the nonlinear past where food is presented on the laziest Susan
Shirt tail/syntax/unbreakable chain

The Vegas quadrant in Morecambe Bay an opulent public space
Back in the nineties, this whole area was a theme park
with a theme of an unsightly Red-eyed
Hamburglar or a Funny Fry friend from a frieze

Rides have astral/fairyland names
like Vespertine and Nebula
You remember how Olaf had a star named for him once

You know who else was here? Elsie. Elsie was here
in a brick red shade of lipstick
the ghost of her kiss blotted on tissue

Zoë Ranson is a writer and performer from Hackney, via Walton-on-the-Naze. She makes work from micro to epic, sometimes for the stage. @zooeyr @tentative_line