The Air In Front Of Me – Rachel McGladdery

The Air In Front Of Me

We’re young
and we are beautiful
and futures rise up in my chest
like mountains or the bubbles in my beer
you have a tan
it’s finished raining, just, the past 5 minutes
and now with the returning heat we’re drying off
in our Cagoules
you’re out of focus
and maybe it’s the rain and heat
or the thin air up here
or the Slavic beer
or the sweat that’s prickling us inside of our cagoules
the bottle sweats, like us, a stream of drops down the glass, green, clear
I focus on the Slavic beer in front of me
or on the mountains you’re in front of
I always seem to get the better view
mountains, beer and you.
Here, with you the mountains and the beer.


Rachel McGladdery lives in North-West England. She is published online and on paper, as well as performing her work live and in film poems. Most recently she has a poem ‘Dark Red Blues’ which is in the April issue of Prole magazine. Find her on Twitter at @raichyrae.

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