dealing with loss, ways & means of – Alex Reed

dealing with loss, ways & means of

yell slippin’ & a slidin’
shake to the rhythm
paint biba on your eyes
bungee jump    kayak
go to Hawaii    swallow peyote
down mexico way
catwalk in paris
produce grime & trap
create a virus
to eradicate google
do no evil
pray for salvation
handle snakes
undergo trepanation
reanimate bones
with magical thinking
follow the teaching
of madame blavatsky
discard all secrets
except for one
build a shrine
to elizabeth montgomery
play tenor sax
like pharaoh sanders
marry grace slick
revive the counter culture
become inspirational
embark on a lecture tour
about the world that’s coming
lament for the children
& the world they’ve been given
collect zane grey
smoke marlboro   carry a lasso
say ‘shoot’ when taken by surprise
study string theory   live underwater
build a spaceship with boxes
visit new worlds of your own invention
tell fortunes   see mysterious strangers
crack jokes in northern clubs
move to the south
& vote tory
admonish the voices
lie with another
collect mustard seeds from the houses
of those who have never known loss


Alex Reed is a poet who lives in Northumberland. He is currently studying for an MA
in Writing Poetry.
Alex’s first pamphlet A career in accompaniment was published in 2016 by V. Press

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