Somewhere a doorbell rings. – Finola Scott

Somewhere a doorbell rings.

A waspish drone cuts
my headphone cocoon.
Crisps pause on way to lips.

We regret the delay of this train.
A person has been struck on the line.

Not the wrong kind of leaves.
We glance at the hanging station clock,
resume Candy Crush, say nothing.

Hours later on yet another train
laughing beered-up lads roll into
their seats. The weekend’s begun.


Slam winning granny Finola Scott’s poems are published in The Ofi Press, Raum, The Lake, The Poets’ Republic, And Other Poems as well as many anthologies including Aiblins and Umbrellas of Edinburgh. Liz Lochead is currently her mentor on the Clydebuilt Scheme.


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