Mr Bairstow lives alone – Kathy Gee

Mr Bairstow lives alone       
The doorbell rings. A squelch of friendly boots
and insults brings him cake from the village shop.

Where cold spaghetti did for lunch, he casts
an artful tea towel on the pan for one,

then kicks aside his pile of laundry. Mustn’t trip
his neighbour, eyes far-focussed on the yard.

He smells of bubble bath, of mocha coffee
from a sachet that he hides from posher eyes.

Alone is how he likes it. If there’s ever wine
in the afternoon, that doesn’t mean he’s lonely.


Kathy Gee’s first collection – Book of Bones – was published by V. Press in May 2016: In the same year, she wrote the spoken word elements for a contemporary choral piece – .

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