In spring, energy – Jean Atkin

In spring, energy

The moss is drying
on Lan Fawr.
The summit has its own
small stiff wind
and we descend
to eat our sandwiches,
lean our backs
to the egg-yolk gorse.
A buzzard hangs
over a long field slated
with solar panels.
Sheep graze under electricity.
When we turn our heads
the Stiperstones
are nudging at blue sky,
whose streaks
slide east.


Jean Atkin has published ‘Not Lost Since Last Time’ (Oversteps Books) also pamphlets and a novel.   Her recent work appears in Magma, Agenda, Ambit, Envoi, The North, Earthlines and The Moth.  She works as a poet in education and community projects.  @wordsparks

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