A Stop on the Way – Chris Hardy

A Stop on the Way

Instead of asking,
This one or the next?
turn into a lane
where signposts promise
quiet hamlets
settled in fields.

One offers ‘St Stephen’s Church’,
a Victorian tower on older walls,
and a pew labelled
‘In memory of Lucy,
who loved this place’.

Summer heat but after rain
the grass and trees welcome it.
We sit awhile, long enough,
then drive back to the highway
that heads west over the hill,

the highest point round here.
Beyond it farms, rivers,
lanes and crossroads,
all the way to the coast
where we must go


Chris’s poems have been widely published.
He is in LiTTLe MACHiNe www.little-machine.com 
His collection ‘Sunshine at the end of the world’ is published by Indigo Dreams Publications. 
‘A guitarist as well as a poet Chris Hardy consistently hits the right note”. Roger McGough.

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