Salute – Belinda Rimmer


On a boat to America.

She’s downy as a cat
with feline vision,

sees the sorry looks
of the other passengers
at how she carries her bones.

In New York

she’ll drop
her prognosis in the Hudson,

stroll through Central Park
to immerse herself in languages
she has no ear for,
but touch her just the same,

and catch the Staten Island ferry
to salute Lady Liberty.

Later, she’ll send a postcard home:
in New York. I am alive.


Belinda Rimmer has worked as a psychiatric nurse, counsellor, lecturer and creative arts practitioner. Her poems have appeared in magazines, for example, Brittle Star, Dream Catcher, ARTEMISpoetry and Obsessed with Pipework. Her poem ‘water’ won the Poetry in Motion Competition and was turned into a film and shown internationally.

Website: @belrimmer

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