Goshute Peak – Myfanwy Fox

Goshute Peak

Lie beside me in this wild darkness;
kiss and wish upon each shooting star,
each meteoric icy speck flaring
touch against our thermosphere.

We’re a mile above that sagebrush
saltpan desert. Bonneville’s
scorpion-skittered flats seem further
than the Milky Way’s gauze spiral;
further even than those most distant
supernovae whose photons set out
before eyes evolved.

Somewhere down in sweating
Salt Lake City DNA is exchanged
for cash beneath brazen signs
exciting rare and noble gases
spilled by the Big Bang.
Here, high constellations arc
across love’s momentary infinite.


Myfanwy Fox is a writer based in Malvern. In a previous existence she was a biologist. Her poems have been published in many journals and anthologies and enjoys performance as well as page poetry.


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