Rear Facing – Angi Holden

Rear Facing 

In the crowded carriage
I shrink into the window seat,
the sun in my eyes.
There’s standing room only;
passengers sway in the aisles.
I recall travelling as a child,
anxious to look forward,
to see where we were going.
Now I am content
to meet each sudden moment
as it unfurls, becomes clear,
fades to a pinprick.


Angi Holden writes adult & children’s poetry, short stories & flash fictions. Her work explores family history and personal experience. Spools of Thread – winner of the Mother’s Milk Pamphlet Prize – was published in February 2018.


2 thoughts on “Rear Facing – Angi Holden

  1. That’s nicely done, and the title is well chosen. It reminds me of something i read about Maori traditions, that they thought of us as walking backwards into tue future able only to see the past.


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