The Army Doctor – Abeer Ameer

The Army Doctor

Another reluctant soldier.
A right leg injected
with kerosene

swollen and necrotic
as the doctor’s own heart.
Amputation of the green-black limb

to save a life
swiftly sent
for questioning.

Those who survive
forever marked as cowards
by the removal of one ear.

Other novel ways
remain unsuspected —
a young man who gasps for air

irreversible lung damage
inhaling fumes from his car

They’ll do anything
for release
from Saddam’s Army.

The doctor wonders
whether he will ever know

as he finds himself caught
captive and executioner.


Abeer Ameer is originally from Iraq, but was made in England like the blue Cortina. Her poems have appeared in various magazines including Acumen, Planet Magazine, The Interpreter’s House, Tears in the Fence, Envoi, and LossLit Magazine. She is currently working on a collection poems based on personal stories from Iraq.

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