The Late Kathy Gee – Kathy Gee

The Late Kathy Gee

Let it be said that I was late
to start, much later ‘popping’,
almost last to fall in love.
Let it be said that I made up
for years so carelessly mislaid,
that I was late to grow into
my wrinkles, late when, in my fifties,
I fell hot and bothered into
lust, but left it far too late.

I am a late developer.
That ought to be ‘I was’, of course,
but I am slow to take on board
this dying thing. I hope it’s not
too late to learn that I was loved.


Kathy Gee’s career was in heritage. In 2016, her poetry collection was published by V. Press and she wrote the spoken word elements for Her next small collection of duologues – Checkout – is due out in March 2019.



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