The Arse – Rob A. Mackenzie

The Arse

Everyone was talking about the arse.
Everyone talked in broken similes:
the arse was like no arse ever, like,
talked about. Everyone lit phones

like lighters, which hovered over
the arse to manifest light, dark,
like, to everyone. And everyone
talked to themselves when talk

stalled and online shitstorms
fell to average levels. Everyone
saw the arse onscreen. Everyone
hoped to see again the arse

they had just been, as no one sees,
like, everything. Everyone walked
the talk about the arse. Everyone
unliked their likeness to the arse.


Rob A. Mackenzie is reviews editor of Magma Poetry and runs Blue Diode Press. His most recent (second) collection is The Good News (Salt, 2013) and a third, The Book of Revelation, will be published in 2020.

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