Quantum Sheep – Emma Simon

Quantum Sheep

We’re the uncounted ones, grazing
ever expanding fields of dark matter
night after night.

Woolly ruminants. We chew the cud
of dreams, regurgitate all sense and logic
within our various stomachs.

Lozenge-like eyes that slowly blink.
Fleeces nebulous as vapour in a cloud,
our knees are pretty springy.

Sheep merges into sheep, huddled
in sleepless flocks through sleet, through fog.
Always on the verge of being lost.

We follow one another over fences,
wave after wave of us, sub particles
of imagination, waiting to be discovered.


Emma Simon’s has written two pamphlets, Dragonish, which was published by The Emma Press in 2017, and The Odds, which will be published by Smith Doorstop in early 2020. Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines and she has won both the Prole Laureate and Ver Poets prize.
She can be found @SimpleSimonEmma on Twitter

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