Llys Dedwydd (Heaven’s Court) – Janet Laugharne

Llys Dedwydd (Heaven’s Court)

The red curtains she had made herself,
faded in the sun over time,
but still she enjoyed their colour,
wrapped in her mohair blanket.

She created an island of convenience
around her riser chair: TV remote, books and pen;
coffee and biscuits on the butterfly tray.

Leaving, she took the blanket with her, and
the curtains, unhooked, were brittle and thin,
deceiving, so
different from when in place and daily drawn.


Janet Laugharne lives in Wales, UK.  Her short stories, flash fiction and poems have appeared in Yours magazine, Litro online, Reflex Fiction, Spelk, Paragraph Planet and Writers Forum. She also co-writes with Jacqueline Harrett under their pen name, J.L. Harland.

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