Another Impulse Purchase at the Map Shop – Fiona Larkin

Another Impulse Purchase at the Map Shop

the bestselling globe is organic cotton
an Ecological Cloth Planet
stuffed with recycled plastic bottles

here maps are dispatched
as scratch-away posters
lampshades, confetti

and a laundry bag for your travels
glows by the till, an atlas
printed on its foldable void

polyester land-masses
the colour of sand
capital cities a blur of brown

the red seams
of each coastline
seeping into the sea

and a drawstring
which cuts off the Pole


Fiona Larkin’s debut pamphlet, A Dovetail of Breath, was published by Rack Press in 2020. She was highly commended by the Forward Prizes 2019 in the best single poem category, and she organises innovative poetry events with Corrupted Poetry.  @fionalarkin

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