Snowdrops – Richie McCaffery


After being open to the elements
for years they finally put
a new slate roof on the old chapel
at Warkworth graveyard.

No-one is using the building though,
just the diocese trying to make watertight
their case for God. The edges
of the yard are dotted with snowdrops.

If I believed, I could convince myself
it’s the dead putting
their skulls together,
recalling white winters.


Richie McCaffery lives in Alnwick, Northumberland. He’s the author of two poetry collections fro Nine Arches Press – Cairn (2014) and Passport (2018) as well as two pamphlets, including Spinning Plates (2012, HappenStance Press). He also has another pamphlet due out later this year from Mariscat Press. His blog / website also hosts poems by fellow poets and can be found at:

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