To all of us – Karen Hodgson Pryce

To all of us

what if one night
my brothers and sisters, each
being miles apart, got up
took a mug, heated milk
in that same moment, thinking
of the others

what if one night, each
stood barefoot in a kitchen
a mug in our hands
a clock behind us, blinking

what if we thought of all the things
that had happened
in all the kitchens
in all the rooms
and from our mugs of milk
we drank
to all of us


Karen Hodgson Pryce lives in Aviemore, Scotland. Her poetry is in LighthouseNorthwords NowBlack Bough PoetryThe Poets’ RepublicButcher’s Dog and Ink, Sweat & Tears. She won 3rd Prize in the Café Writers Open Poetry Competition, 2019.

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