On Pelmets – Paul Stephenson

On Pelmets


seven pewter tankards (engraved) – a box of Swan Vestas (three left, all struck)
– a halfpence piece (bent into a hinge) – a tiny splinter (from kindling) – soot


a paper clip (pulled straight) – a bin liner string (pink) – a milk bottle top (folded
into a half moon) – a recipe for moussaka (torn from a magazine) – peppercorns


a yellow squeezable plastic duck (no quack) – a shower curtain hook (snapped)
– a finger plaster’s backing (peeled off) – nail clippers (blunt and rusting) – talc

Our Bedroom

a convoy of vintage cars (Dinky) – a porcelain pig figurine (chipped) – a Panini
football sticker for swaps (Ipswich Town captain) – a safety pin (rusted) – sherbet

Their Bedroom

a white goose feather (missing barbs) – a spare trouser zip on cotton back (black)
a square beer mat for Carlsberg lager (wine ringed) – a gold band (plain) – dust

Paul Stephenson grew up in Cambridge and studied modern languages. He has published three pamphlets: Those People (Smith/Doorstop, 2015), The Days that Followed Paris (HappenStance, 2016) and Selfie with Waterlilies (Paper Swans Press, 2017), He co-curates Poetry in Aldeburgh and interviews poets at paulstep.com. / Twitter: @stephenson_pj / Instagram: paulstep456

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