And the curlews call – Niall Machin

And the curlews call

An almost imperceptible
Tinselfies the grass
Heralding another frost –
……………that time when I lose people, I think
And the curlews call

It’s my watch
You sleep like a dormouse
Layers of time, friendships, family and pets
Weighing you down
…………and keeping you warm
In equal measure

David sleeps in the next room
With a cold
His head cold too
Against the adjoining wall
………….far away but
As close to you as possible

Eva is motionless on the couch
Whilst Beth makes
The requisite phone calls
In this way we sleepwalk
Round this familiar old house
…………..rubik cube like
One down, one along

When someone has touched so many lives
We defend our family right
To usher in death
‘Bad weather always seems worse through a window’
…………..was one of your sayings
Railing at the storm clouds

Niall Machin lives in Bradford-on Avon and has recently had work published in Bath Magg. Find him on Twitter @NiallMachin1 

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