Propagation – Maeve McKenna


They cluster inside spread-
eagled legs, hands bone
wings, faces pleading,


on palms. I know them,
these people, their
atrocious need,


breath of last night’s lust.
Still willing in the morning,
I relent for a puce


uprooted pubic hair. Or,
occasional understanding.
I adore the life in them, more


than mine; chiselled
from marrow, a blood-infused
platelet. How they dine to fill


on propagation. Oh! hero.
Oh! Lover. Oh, desire
from consequence —

unwill me.

Maeve McKenna lives in Sligo, Ireland. Her poetry has been placed in several international poetry competitions and published in Mslexia, The Haibun Journal, The Cormorant, Galway Review, Boyne Berries, Sonder Magazine, Skylight47 and widely online.

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