Olga – Kayleigh Campbell


was once about to walk down
the narrow, anticipating aisle.

She turned to her mother
who was attached to her arm
like an umbilical cord to a belly button:

Mother, this life is not for me.
………………………………………Well darling, let’s go!

So they left the betrothed
waiting at the alter as a life-size
cake decoration.

They left guests
whose bodies (it was later found out)
became pew-shaped.

They threw confetti
into the empty courtyard
and drank champagne from the bottle.

The latest news is that Olga is a painter
living in Barcelona. Her newest lover
is an oncologist named Maya.

Her mother is also in Barcelona.
The betrothed and the wedding guests
ended up in a museum.

Kayleigh Campbell is a third year Creative Writing Ph.D candidate at The University of Huddersfield. Her pamphlet Keepsake is with Maytree Press; her work has appeared in the likes of Butcher’s Dog and Ink, Sweat & Tears. 
@kayyyleighc – Twitter @poetrykayleigh – Instagram

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