Stallion – James McDermott


trudging through norfolkfieldsI find
a lone horse a bag on its mouth
and I’m thirteen again
in the farmyard of the school changingrooms

a tall muscly stallion
kicks me to the floor I land on all fours
he forces myheadinto hisgym bag
to sniff his salt sweet shorts

he snorts stamps brays trots off
to the showers I hear the slam
of locker doors and picture prisons but
it’s a gate being closed

in this field I walk on thinking of that
animalprayinghe has been put down

James McDermott’s debut poetry collection Manatomy is published by Burning Eye. James’s poems have been published in various magazines including The Gay and Lesbian ReviewThe Cardiff Review, Popshot QuarterlyInk Sweat and Tears, SpeltConfluence, Bitchin’ Kitsch and Dawntreader.  Twitter: jamesliammcd  Order copies of Manatomy here:

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