The Angel – Jennie Farley

The Angel

He’s following me around the supermarket,
an angel wearing the flouncy frock

I’ve just bought from the charity shop
for two pounds fifty. He gives a wink,

tips his halo. What does he want?
And why is he in my dress?

Every time I turn around
I see him three paces behind,

eyes bright as sequins.
After paying at the till

I take my basket and turn
with a beaming smile,

an appropriate greeting
for an angel who might offer

to carry my shopping.
But he isn’t there!

Oh, he’s only being a tease.
I stride out in a don’t-care kind of way.

When I get home, my frock
is on a hanger in the wardrobe

and on my pillow lies an elegant
white feather, tipped with gold.

Jennie Farley is a published poet, teacher and workshop leader. Her poetry has
featured in many poetry magazines and in performance. Poetry collections include
My Grandmother Skating (Indigo Dreams Publishing 2016) and Hex (IDP 2018).
Her new collection What the Dream Told Me is in progress

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