My Monarch – Paul Stephenson

My Monarch

In his gown of white cotton with intricate brocade,
here he lays, collected and regal, my own medieval

………………………King of England

He’d like that, of England, this his adopted country,
lying in a white cotton gown with intricate brocade.

His nose is finer than I recall, cheeks a little sunken.
Hair beneath the chin, like he’s missed a bit shaving.

Up to his chest, a dark purple velvet with gold trim.
He lays here in white cotton, the intricate brocade.

Paul Stephenson has published three pamphlets: Those People (Smith/Doorstop, 2015), The Days that Followed Paris (HappenStance, 2016) and Selfie with Waterlilies (Paper Swans Press, 2017). He as MA in Creative Writing from the Manchester Writing School and co-curates the Poetry in Aldeburgh festival.

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