Walking with Mary Shelley 3. – Louise Warren

Walking with Mary Shelley

Mary is stitched into the middle of me-
as she was stitched into my mother
pulling the pieces of us together pinch tight
we try to squeeze to death the quiet version of ourselves.

Blue silk, forget-me-not, chiffon sky
we unpick her with our nails
as we worry, we fret, we unravel her
with our magenta, our hollyhock, our fogs.

Our deep depressions, our electric storms,
our blackest ink. Mary says-
we are not all content to lie between others,
I am narrative, scrawled in graphite,

little matted furs.
Wetness, hair, birth blood, breast milk,
life, death, silver clasped.


Louise Warren’s first collection ‘A Child’s Last Picture Book of the Zoo’ won the Cinnamon Press Debut Prize (2012). ‘In the scullery with John Keats’ also published by Cinnamon Press  (2016.) Her latest pamphlet ‘John Dust’  published by V.Press in 2019.