Still Daughter – Sophia Argyris

Still Daughter

My grandmother made things from silver and wool,
made biscuits from flour and peanut butter.

My mother made things from clay and glass, 
from eggs and aubergines, from almonds and words.

I am watching the approaching winter,
growing seedlings at the end of summer,

walking barefoot in the woods, cutting
my feet on twigs and sharp matter

trying to make something from air and water
from rhythms and seasons,

from mornings and evenings, from being a woman, 
still being a daughter.

Sophia Argyris grew up mainly in Scotland and now lives in Oxfordshire. Her poetry has been published in various places including Magma, Prole, Structo and Under the Radar, and is forthcoming in 7th Quarry in 2023. Her short collection “How Do the Parakeets Stay Green?” was published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2014.

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