Sophia is Out of My League – Gram Joel Davies

Sophia is Out of My League

I arrived at university but found
the glass had someone’s lips on the brim.

The wine-list was unreachable.
I smuggled the crystal-ware home

and tried to fit a kiss
where she had been.

Although I eavesdrop on tables
I can’t ask her back for discourse.

My shelves have dusty techno
and Dungeons & Dragons figurines.

I should have turned my body
through the sharpener

not learned to hold smoke.
Asthmatic exhalations

rehash my parents’
rejection of right-to-buy.

I turn to say something with shreds
of last year’s set text in my teeth.


Gram Joel Davies is a poet in Devon. His collection Bolt Down This Earth (V. Press) was publihsed in 2017. It’s been a while, but he is getting back into writing after training as a counsellor. A recent poem in The Moth marked his return.

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