The Green Fairy – Teika Marija Smits

The Green Fairy

Not Kylie, CGI-flying above a celluloid Moulin Rouge
in impossible wings, impossibly sparkly.
Nor a Bohemian beauty, translucent in oils on a canvas,
inspiring/taunting the poverty-stricken artist.
Neither a vision in green, emerging genie-like,
from a bottle, intoxicated, intoxicating.

But a middle-aged woman with brittle hair,
caught in the contours of a wine glass –
her eyes as green as the absinthe,
and as knowing as the marketers who never,
not once,
portrayed the green fairy
as anything other than


Teika Marija Smits is a writer, editor and mother-of-two. Her poetry and prose have been widely published, and her debut poetry pamphlet, Russian Doll, is to be published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2021. @MarijaSmits.

Russian Doll – Marija Smits

Russian Doll

I am heavy with the hopes
of my younger selves – the ones
who dreamt of all I could be.

They call to me, disappointed,
as my once-bright dress
begins to dull, as I thin

and am worn smooth by little hands
that dismantle me daily.
I answer with excuses and apologies.

Life intrudes, I explain;
takes us apart
and rebuilds us askew.


Marija Smits is a mother, writer, artist and editor. Her writing has appeared in various places including MslexiaBrittle Star, Strix, LossLit and Literary Mama.