Items that weren’t on the shopping list – Rob Walton

Items that weren’t on the shopping list

John got an Elvis Hawaiian throw
with a fringe
for two pound fifty
at a car boot sale in Hornsea.
All the way from Memphis that, love.

Steve got a Bruce Forsyth album –
Bruce was singing, not dancing or gurning –
from that second hand shop in Hinderwell.
Are you a big Bruce fan, like?

I got a Dewar’s whisky water jug
at the Gala in Buckden
when Mark and Stefan did the fell race.
There’s a little crack there, love, but none of us is perfect.

Apparently, one of Simon’s friends
got an axe from the flea market at Tynemouth Station
but this is going back a while.
That’s just blood: shouldn’t take much shifting.


Rob Walton is from Scunthorpe, and lives on Tyneside.  Published by The Emma Press, Butcher’s Dog, Firewords Quarterly, IRON Press, Red Squirrel, Northern Voices, Arachne and others.  He collated the New Hartley Memorial Pathway text.