The Darker Side of Val Doonican – Rob Walton

The Darker Side of Val Doonican

O’Rafferty gets into his motor car
and thinks, This is great, this
but then he spots McGinty and his goat
leaving the shebeen
and O’Rafferty thinks again,
Will you look at him
with his fucking goat!
And so he puts his foot
to the floor and mows them down
then comes back for more
in reverse gear.

Word is he’s now got his eye
on Delaney’s donkey.


Rob Walton is from Scunthorpe, and lives in Whitley Bay.  Poetry and short fiction for adults and children published by The Emma Press, Butcher’s Dog, Frances Lincoln, Bloomsbury, IRON Press, Red Squirrel, Northern Voices, Arachne and others.  He collated the New Hartley Memorial Pathway text.   He sometimes tweets @anicelad

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