Evolution – Hannah Linden


There, tears come
but not for the past.

Cry for the future
because what else
are eyes for in this world?

………..We apologise but must interrupt this poem to mine the next couple of
………..stanzas for a poem on climate change. They were the strongest verses
………..and this poem may seem empty as a result but we can only apologise
………..and hope you got your basic needs met. We hope you will agree that
………..poems on climate change must take precedence in these troubled
………..times. Please feel free to insert a couple of verses from a poet of your
………..choice to fill the gap. Please try Google for possible alternatives.

Someone talks on the radio
about a new theory of how
humans developed,

climbing down from the trees
to hunt, but wading into water,
waist-deep, needing to stand
two-footed, tall, dipping down
for molluscs and sea-cucumbers,
needing to shed their fur coats
and maybe,

there was a whoop when all that weight
of the still-full world could lay itself
down and be carried by water.


Hannah Linden is published widely, most recently with Magma, Lighthouse, The Interpreter’s House, Domestic Cherry and the Humanagerie Anthology, as well as on several online webzines. She is working towards her first collection. Twitter: @hannahl1n

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