Cohabitat – Hilary Watson


The flat below is rented out to angels
who pass us in the hallway, quickstep
down the stairs to fetch up wine crates
overfilled with books: The Cuckoo’s Egg,
Critical Path, The Unseen Hand. They shift
furniture at night, slap each other’s flesh,
whistling the kettle, guffaw like riled chimps
at Friends. Their incense haunts the corridor
with feathers lost from duvets until the call
to move again. We’ll force the lock to check
for char or shrine or scrap or monument.


Hilary Watson lives in S Wales. She has recently been published in The Interpreter’s House, Butcher’s Dog, Impossible Archetype and The Emma Press Anthology of Contemporary Gothic Verse. She loves dogs & beautiful bookshops @poetryhilary



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