Self Guidance – Robin Lindsay Wilson

Self Guidance

fold your arms
on the desk
rest your head
and go to sleep

dream yourself clever
dream yourself good

dream yourself grown up
remembering this day
of shocks and tears
and bright red cheeks
this friendless day

when you waited it out
then looked at the sun

because it was forbidden
because it was impossible
because it was an idea
smiling and obvious

smiles will blind you
but ideas can heal


Robin is a lecturer in Acting and Performance at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. He has had work published in many UK literary journals and poetry magazines, including – Magma, Iota, The Rialto, South, Other Poetry, Dream Catcher, The Interpreter’s House, Brittle Star, The Edinburgh Review, Chapman and Envoi. He has had three collections of poetry published by Cinnamon Press, Wales. The titles are – ‘Ready Made Bouquets’ (2007), ‘Myself and Other Strangers’ (2015) and ‘Backstage in Paradise’ (2019).

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