Charmed – Robert Nisbet


He seems to be circled around this morning
with the light, almost a halo,
of a muted but insistent joy.

He has walked from the Lane to the corner shop
and has been, as ever, charming, but today
his joviality rings him round like an amulet.

This is ridiculous, he thinks. He might as well
have harps around him, dulcimers, like the man
in the Coleridge poem. Yesterday .. listen ..

.. You do not need any further treatment ..

He can think now of the daybreaks in store
and the Eastern suns on the mountains.

Robert Nisbet is a Welsh poet and sometime creative writing tutor at Trinity College, Carmarthen, who has published widely in Britain and the USA. He is a Pushcart Prize nominee for 2020. 

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