The Chiropodist’s Wife – Emma Halliday

The Chiropodist’s Wife

Recording commenced, 10.09am

My husband prefers to not be disturbed when he’s working the role requires concentration
he mostly attends the older generation but children need his attention school changing
rooms are a filthy breeding ground we converted the bedroom at the back of the house
when he qualified our eldest used to sleep there ……I remember the client an obstinate
case of athlete’s foot I made mum a cup of tea in the kitchen she was glad to have ten
minutes’ peace talked incessantly about her daughter’s gymnastic trophies they’re better
behaved when the parents stay put (Displays Exhibit A) ….They were ordered online
breathable, not fabric individually wrapped to be stuck in the elbow crease he’s
attentive, you seechecking in case of allergic reactions ……he put it where? ……..I suppose
the skin is sensitive there, as well ……I chose the Disney design …….she could have gone
upstairs anytime

Recording paused, 10.25am

Emma Halliday is an emerging writer based in north west England. Most recently, her health themed poetry was commended by The Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine and appeared in this year’s NHS anthology – ‘These Are The Hands’.

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