Wild – Hannah Linden


Mouse-eared into tight corners, smalled 
into holes lined with abandoned wishbones, 
it took time to learn the skreels were my own.  
He did not seem to hear them, or realise
that behind skirting boards, there were 
tunnels gnawed into being when the house 
was asleep. He still walks through the rooms 
he opened to the public, but the real work 
is behind the scenes, deep in the foundations 
or under layers of old wallpaper that is no longer 
replaceable. I have chewed it all, made nests 
for impossible futures, conceived them 
when he was unaware how my wildness still 
lived under floorboards, in cavities in the walls.

Hannah Linden is published widely including or upcoming in Atrium, Lighthouse, Magma, New Welsh Review, Prole, Proletarian Poetry, Stand, The Interpreters’ House, Under the Radar and the 84 Anthology etc. She is working towards her first collection. Twitter: @hannahl1n

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